We offer services for the following situations:


Divorce/Separation and the resulting concerns regarding custody and parenting time

Allegations of or validated cases of domestic abuse and child abuse/neglect

​Need or desire for parenting skills coaching and navigating co-parenting​

Mediation and parenting time expediting

Spanish and Somalia Interpreter’s available upon request. $30/hr

Parenting Evaluation/​Parent Coach

​Provides a focused assessment of parenting skills and the opportunity to increase parenting skills through coaching lessons.

Fees – $80/hr

Supervised Parenting Time

​Center based or Community based opportunity for supervision of parenting time.

​​​MN Statute : 518.1751

Fees $75/hr plus Intake fee – $140

Travel time for Community Supervision is$1.00/minute. No travel time fees for Center based supervision. 

Parenting Coordination/Consultant

​Court appointed or by agreement of the parties to resolve disputes after judgment and decree has been issued.

Fees – $80/hr

Parenting Time Expeditor

​Court appointed to resolve disputes that arise after a judgment and decree has been issued.

​MN Statute : 518.1751

Fees – $80/hr


​A process in which a state certified professional neutral facilitates agreements between the parties.

MN Statute : 518.619

Fees – $80/hr

Custody Evaluation

​An analysis that results in a written custody and parenting time recommendations to the court in accordance with MN Statute 518.167

Fees – $3,500

BFA-Brief Focused Assessment